#wanderlust Every Wednesday Timothy Go inspires you to leave the office and discover more of the world, outside the usual destinations. Find out how to get to where you are going, in style, at a bargain. Learn useful travel hacks to save you money, and hear about the latest Travel trends and up and coming destinations, so you can get there first before the rest.

NOV 15, 2019
15/11/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Swiss Holidays
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Melanie Brunner, Sales & Marketing Manager, South-East Asia, Swiss Travel System and Christian Kaspar, EVP, Head of Global Market Management, Swiss Travel System about why you ought to plan a trip to Switzerland this upcoming Winter.

NOV 12, 2019
12/11/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Credit Card Redemption
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Rohith Murthy, Founder & Country Manager of SingSaver, to discuss Credit Card Redemption.

NOV 1, 2019
01/11/19 - #Wanderlust: Beware of Pricing Tactics Used By Airline, Hotel and Holiday Booking Sites
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Tiffany Fumiko Tay, Straits Times Consumer Reporter about dealing with sweet deals, spotting hidden costs and sales tactics used by travel companies.

OCT 25, 2019
25/10/19 - #Wanderlust: Self-Service Travel
Join Timothy Go as he discusses with Mike Valkevich, VP, Global Sales and Program Management, Asia-Pacific, CWT, about self-service travel and the benefits it offers travellers around the world.

SEP 29, 2019
29/09/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Travel Matters and Some Airline News
Join Timothy Go, as he talks about problems faced with travel documentation and discusses a little on some of the latest airline news.

SEP 29, 2019
29/09/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk People and Culture of Uzbekistan
Join Timothy Go, as he continues his discussion about Uzbekistan, with an emphasis on the people and culture there.

SEP 29, 2019
29/09/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Uzbekistan
Join Timothy Go, as he tells us all about where he went for his last birthday - Uzbekistan.

SEP 29, 2019
29/09/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Birthday Getaways
Join Timothy Go, as he tells us just why we ought to make our birthdays a little more special by travelling to somewhere unique.

SEP 11, 2019
11/09/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Big, Booming Cities
Is there more to Dubai than the glitz and glamour we see? Or is it really a playground for the rich and famous. And Seattle... Now, that there is a non-stop flight from Singapore to Seattle, is there something there for the regular traveler? Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Lee Siew Hwa, Travel Editor, Straits Times Life, to find out if Seattle is still the edgy city it is known for being, or if it has all grown up.

SEP 9, 2019
09/09/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Hottest Travel Destinations
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Skyscanner’s Robyn Lee about the hottest destinations this year. It is never too late to plan for a vacation to one of those locations.

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