#wanderlust Every Wednesday Timothy Go inspires you to leave the office and discover more of the world, outside the usual destinations. Find out how to get to where you are going, in style, at a bargain. Learn useful travel hacks to save you money, and hear about the latest Travel trends and up and coming destinations, so you can get there first before the rest.

NOV 10, 2021
10/11/21 - #Wanderlust Revolut
Your bags are packed, and now you're finally headed off that plane for a holiday. But, do have enough foreign currency in that country that you are going to? Avoid the pitfalls of low exchange rates, high commission charges and unexpected fees when spending overseas. On #Wanderlust, host Timothy Go spoke to James Shanahan, Singapore CEO, Revolut, an app and physical card that makes currency exchanges more reasonable.  

OCT 27, 2021
27/10/21 - #Wanderlust Travel Confidence
How confident are you to travel towards the end of the year for your year-end holiday? It is not going to be easy, especially with varying travel restrictions in different countries. But, help is out there, if you're planning for your trip. On #Wanderlust, Timothy Go spoke to Lavinia Rajaram APAC Head of Communications at Expedia to find out more.   

OCT 26, 2021
26/10/21 - #Wanderlust Inconvenient Travel
On #Wanderlust, Prime Time's Timothy Go shares what you need to note before travelling overseas during this period as flying can be tricky with Covid-19 travel restrictions.

OCT 26, 2021
26/10/21 - #Wanderlust Digital Travel
Digital health declaration documents systems are country-specific and often restrictive, as the standards can vary greatly from one another. On #Wanderlust, Prime Time's Timothy Go looks at how this can be streamlined into an efficient, integrated way to verify that citizens are safe for travel.

SEP 22, 2021
22/09/21 - #Wanderlust VTL Trends
On #Wanderlust, Prime Time's Timothy Go looks at some of the possible destinations that may go under Singapore’s VTL travel arrangement soon. 

SEP 8, 2021
08/09/21 - #Wanderlust: The Do's and Don'ts of the Quarantine-free Vaccinated Travel Lanes
The first flight ferrying passengers from Germany travelling under a quarantine-free scheme has landed at Changi Airport. SQ325's landing marks the start of Singapore's Vaccinated Travel Lane scheme, which is open to Brunei and Germany. On #Wanderlust Timothy Go looks at the do’s and don'ts of the Quarantine-free Vaccinated Travel Lanes for eligible leisure and business travelers. Pay attention because it is complicated.

JUN 28, 2020
28/06/20 - #Wanderlust How far can Governments Bailout for Airlines Last
Timothy Go speaks to Aaron Wong of Milelion.com about government airline bailouts and what airlines should do with unused frequent flyer points.

JUN 19, 2020
19/06/20 - #Wanderlust: Will the Tourism Industry Survive Covid-19
Timothy Go speaks to Fitch Solutions Analyst Tao Hai Lin for his analysis of the battered tourism sector and what should be done to revive it.

JUN 13, 2020
13/06/20 - #Wanderlust Travel Experiences you can do at home
Timothy Go speaks with Marcus Yong, Klook, Vice President, Marketing, APAC, about How Klook  can help you beat the cabin fever while keeping your travel spirit alive with your family at home.

JUN 5, 2020
05/06/20 - #Wanderlust Explores the Future of Air Travel Post COVID-19
Timothy Go speaks with Aaron Wong, founder of travel website Milelion.com, about traveling in the time of COVID-19 and the new realities travelers must face as countries start to open up.

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