#wanderlust Every Wednesday Timothy Go inspires you to leave the office and discover more of the world, outside the usual destinations. Find out how to get to where you are going, in style, at a bargain. Learn useful travel hacks to save you money, and hear about the latest Travel trends and up and coming destinations, so you can get there first before the rest.

FEB 21, 2020
21/02/20 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Covid-19 and Its Effects on the Travel Industry
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Ong Hanjie, Managing Director, EU Asia Holiday about how travel has been challenged by the effects of the ongoing Covid 19 Coronavirus Disease 2019 epidemic.

FEB 7, 2020
07/02/20 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Avoiding Illness While Traveling
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Dr Chester Lan, Resident Doctor with DTAP Clinic Group about what you should and should not do when traveling so as to avoid getting sick.

JAN 31, 2020
31/01/20 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Airline Pricing
To get the best deals on airline seats, you have to understand airline companies' confusing pricing structures. Find out mrore as Timothy Go speaks to Skyscanner's Robin Lee.

JAN 24, 2020
24/01/20 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Jet Lag
Join Timothy Go, as he talks about jet lag and shares valuable tips on how to deal with this common condition on your next long-haul flight!

JAN 10, 2020
10/01/20 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Flying with Kids
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Dana Bachar Grossman, Author of Fight Or Flight? The Survival Guide For Flying With Kids about the 7 tips for surviving a long-haul flight with kids.

DEC 20, 2019
20/12/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Flu Vaccinations
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Dr Julian Hong, Resident Doctor, DTAP Clinic Group about the importance of getting your vaccinations sorted before heading out on that well-deserved vacation.

DEC 12, 2019
12/12/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Saudi Arabia as a Tourism Spot
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Lee Siew Hua, Travel Editor, ST Life about Saudi Arabia being open for tourism. They also talk about your chance to see the other Petra.

DEC 6, 2019
06/12/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Top Destinations
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Lavinia Rajaram, APAC Head of Communications, Brand Expedia about the top 5 year-end destinations for Singapore travellers, the top 10 fastest growing year-end destinations for Singapore travellers, the top 5 alternative year-end destinations with cheaper flight and hotel prices and the best times to book flights and hotels for year-end travel.

NOV 22, 2019
22/11/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Holiday Homes
JoinTimothy Go, as he speaks to Judith Davidson, Regional Director for Asia,HomeAway, about how they facilitate holidays and what sets holiday homes aside from traditional forms of accommodation.

NOV 15, 2019
15/11/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Swiss Holidays
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks to Melanie Brunner, Sales & Marketing Manager, South-East Asia, Swiss Travel System and Christian Kaspar, EVP, Head of Global Market Management, Swiss Travel System about why you ought to plan a trip to Switzerland this upcoming Winter.

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