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JUN 27, 2022
27/06/22 - Bigger Picture: Soaring food prices more an opportunity than crisis in ASEAN
Lee Ju Ye, Economist, Maybank Investment Banking Group discusses why the rise in food price inflation may be moderating and which countries are the winners and losers in the region.

JUN 27, 2022
27/06/22 - The Breakfast Brief: Upcoming earnings season, what to expect
In today's The Breakfast Brief, we give a sneak preview of what the upcoming earnings season will look like for companies such as Nike. Also in this episode, we discuss the Bank of Japan's intervention in the CPI, the NATO Summit that will be happening in Madrid and the preliminary 2Q 2022 URA Singapore private home price index.

JUN 27, 2022
27/06/22 - Mind Your Business: MyRepublic's financial position, placing it on a path of strategic growth towards IPO
Back in March, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) approved local telco StarHub's proposal to buy a majority 50.1 percent stake in rival Internet service provider MyRepublic's fibre broadband business for residential and enterprise customers in Singapore. Rakesh Malani, CFO, MyRepublic shares with us the details of the deal and the behind-the-scenes story of how the deal was engineered. 

JUN 27, 2022
27/06/22 - Why It Matters: The role that ethics and value play in marketing
With the discussion about emerging technologies and platforms like Metaverse and Web3 gaining attention, questions are being asked about their impact across various industries, especially the marketing scene. Our next guest predicts that the Metaverse will unleash creativity on a scale never seen before since the platform is not constrained by the laws of physics. So what will Marketing 4.0 look like? And what would the new marketing paradigm potentially look like? Prashant Kumar, Founder, Entropia shares more with us. 

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - Weekly Wrap Up: New S$1.5 Billion Support Package, what more can be done to help taxi and private hire drivers
In this week's Weekly Wrap Up, we discussDeputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Lawrence Wong's announcement of a S$1.5 billion support package. One of the support is for eligible taxi main hirers and private hire car drivers who will get a one-off relief of S$150 in August. But, how much help can this support be for taxi and private hire drivers?                                                                                                                                                            Yeo Wan Ling, Advisor to the National Taxi Association, National Private Hire Vehicles Association, National Delivery Champions Association discusses with us.  

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - The Breakfast Brief: Fed's under pressure to control inflation
In today's The Breakfast Brief, we discuss US central bank chief, Jeremy Powell's  "unconditional" commitment to reining in 40-year-high inflation and economists polled by Reuters forecasting that the Fed would deliver another 75-basis-point rate hike next month. 

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - Mind Your Business: First eco-solutions manufacturing plant in Singapore opens in Tuas
Have you ever wondered why shops are not using biodegradable plastic bags? Maybe it is simply because such bags are not easily available. But now companies can soon find such alternatives at a "one-stop eco-solutions" manufacturing plant that has been launched in Singapore. Muralikrishnan Rangan, Founder of Green Lab & Group CEO, Print Lab tell us more about the new 200,000 square feet facility and the processes in Singapore's first eco-solutions manufacturing plant

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - Bigger Picture: Is the US set for recession next year?
Fears are building up around stagflation and a potential recession. Francis Tan, Senior Investment Strategist, UOB Private Bank shares his views on the likelihood of this happening next year and the some indicators he is watching closely that will be the impact on markets, 

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - Why It Matters: Overview of the agri-food business in SEA, its underlying challenges
The GrowHub together with the FIPWA is looking at contributing to a ‘food bowl’ for consumers in Southeast Asia as well as contributing to addressing Singapore’s ‘30 by 30’ food security goal.  Christopher Vas, Country Manager Australia, The Growhub & General Manager, FIPWA gives us an overview of the agri-food business in the region and its current food security situation. 

JUN 23, 2022
23/06/22 - Bigger Picture: China EV plays looking fundamentally attractive
Kelvin Wong, Analyst, CMC Markets, discusses how the support from Chinese policymakers will help prop up the sector, which will also get a lift potentially from a rebound in broader Chinese markets.

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