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NOV 25, 2022
25/11/22 - How revenue-based finance can close the gap between traditional finance and investing
There is a growing need for alternative sources of capital for businesses that either cannot obtain, or do not want, traditional loans or private equity investments. One expanding alternative is revenue-based financing. Revenue-based financing as a type of additional capital will allow businesses to access capital without diluting their ownership, increasing their profitability and attracting new investors. Prime Time's Bharati Jagdish speaks with Jeffrey Liu, CEO and co-founder of Jenfi, a fintech company that provides revenue-based financing to rapidly growing businesses in Asia to find out how revenue-based finance can close the gap between traditional finance and investing.

NOV 25, 2022
25/11/22 - ST: The Big Story, 25 Nov - Crowds form at Orchard Road as Black Friday sales begin
Shoppers looking to stretch their dollar amid the rising cost of living were out in force on Black Friday, with long queues spotted outside malls along Orchard Road. In The Straits Times’ The Big Story, Multimedia Correspondent Cheow Sue-Ann spoke with Senior Correspondent Chantal Sajan to discuss shopping deals being offered during one of the biggest retail weekends of the year.

NOV 25, 2022
25/11/22 - Market View: China’s reopening - Wang Yi Ming’s China 5% GDP growth forecast next year, Bill Ackman’s comment on Hong Kong dollar’s peg, EV sales, Support for the property sector
We’re going to wrap up the week by talking about China. Investors have been keeping a close eye on China’s reopening as the country reported its highest number of daily Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic this week.  While China has all along stuck to its zero-Covid policy,  what’s more tricky this time round is that the development came after China recently dialled back on some of its pandemic measures, signalling a renewed focus on growth.  With China’s cabinet also pledging new stimulus measures to revive its COVID-battered economy.this week, what are the chances of authorities reinstating containment measures?  Also - where do market watchers expect growth to to look like for China for this year and the next?  On Market View, Prime Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian got down to the details with Brock Silvers, Chief Investment Officer at Kaiyuan Capital.

NOV 24, 2022
24/11/22 - In the Spotlight: How will automation strengthen the retail industry?
The pandemic has shown that through the acceleration of delivery speeds via technological innovation, customer expectations of the retail experience have grown. How do retailers adapt to the changing consumer demand? In the Spotlight on Prime Time, Bharati Jagdish speaks with Clement Yew, Director of Business Development, Southeast Asia, AutoStore on how automation can strengthen the retail industry. 

NOV 24, 2022
24/11/22 - How companies can play a part in Singapore’s journey into a sustainable, resilient & liveable city
As Singapore continues to grow, so too will the challenge of managing the social, ecological, and physical aspects of our densely populated city and infrastructure. Global events in the recent few years have brought the importance of building city resilience to the forefront – and particularly so for a small country with limited land and resources. Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish finds out from Argoon Chuang, Digital Consulting Lead, Asia, AECOM.

NOV 24, 2022
24/11/22 - ST: The Big Story, 24 Nov - Anwar is Malaysia’s 10th PM, to lead unity government
Pakatan Harapan chairman Anwar Ibrahim was sworn in as Malaysia’s 10th prime minister yesterday, ending a 24-year wait to lead the country. In The Straits Times’ The Big Story, Multimedia Correspondent Cheow Sue-Ann spoke with Malaysia bureau chief Shannon Teoh on his views on this development.

NOV 24, 2022
24/11/22 - Market View: VC investments into tech amid fallout of FTX, appetite for money losing startups
VC investments into the tech industry is on our agenda amid massive layoffs by a number of big names such as GoTo, Meta and Twitter, as well as the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.  With valuations for startups dropping by some 30 to 50 per cent in some cases, VCs at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum held last week warned that the tech industry is seeing a fundamental overhaul going forward.  But how would VCs calibrate their investments in the tech industry amid these challenges and what are the bright spots ahead? On Market View, Prime Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian spoke with Debneel Mukherjee, Founder & Managing Partner, Decacorn Capital for more.

NOV 23, 2022
23/11/22 - In the Spotlight: How does a vintage tea brand fight climate change as well as keep up with the times?
The 1872 Clipper Tea is Singapore’s oldest tea producer, blender and retailer. The heritage brand, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, is renowned for its commitment to delivering the finest teas from all corners of the world. In the Spotlight on Prime Time, Bharati Jagdish speaks with its fifth gen leader, Rehan Amarasuriya, Director of The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. and Executive Director of B.P de Silva Holdings on how are they keep that legacy alive, the challenges they face with climate change and of course, what’s next? Highlights from the conversation: 02:25: The challenges Rehan faced taking over the business as the tea industry continues to evolve 05:16: Standing up against the coffee and bubble tea culture  07:01: Surpassing the competition from other tea brands that have entered the local market 09:36: Ensuring transparency in the supply chain as ESG concerns become more prominent among consumers 13:37: Ways the tea industry can sequester carbon dioxide and mitigate climate change

NOV 23, 2022
23/11/22 - ST: The Big Story, 23 Nov - Manchester United owners consider sale as Cristiano Ronaldo exits
Manchester United said on Tuesday that it was commencing a process to explore “strategic alternatives”, including a new investment or a potential sale -  17 years after the American Glazer family bought the English Premier League football club. In The Straits Times’ The Big Story, Multimedia Correspondent Cheow Sue- Ann spoke with Sports Correspondent David Lee for more on these developments. 

NOV 23, 2022
23/11/22 - Talent availability emerges as the top threat facing Singapore’s executives
Leadership competencies are being increasingly challenged by changing workforce engagement and talent availability, with only 30% of Singapore’s leaders saying they are prepared to face them. On Career 360, Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish speaks with Ulrike Wieduwilt, Russell Reynolds Associates’ Singapore Managing Director to find out how leaders can invest in talent development and bring on a transformative business environment.

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