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JAN 15, 2021
15/01/21 - Straits Times - The Big Story, 15 Jan (Ashok Kurup)
Straits Times’s multimedia correspondent Hairianto Diman and assistant video editor Olivia Quay spoke to  Dr Asok Kurup, who chairs the Academy of Medicine's Chapter of Infectious Disease Physicians about the long term health impacts of Covid-19.

JAN 15, 2021
15/01/21 - What you need to know about Malaysia's state of emergency
Malaysia’s King declared a nationwide state of emergency for the first time in more than half a century - and it comes amid an alarming rise of Covid-19 cases in the country, with the national tally surpassing 138,000. To break it down further, Prime Time's Rachel Kelly spoke to Shannon Teoh, Malaysia Bureau Chief, The Straits Times.

JAN 15, 2021
15/01/21 - Outlook for Singapore's Nightlife Sector
Prime Time's Rachel Kelly speaking to Tay Eu Yen, Exco member of the Singapore Nightlife Business Association (SNBA) and chair of the SNBA subcommittee for Nightlife business exits to find out her thoughts on the lasting impact of Covid-19 on the nightlight sector in Singapore. 

JAN 15, 2021
15/01/21 - Forex Fridays: Has the Greenback Been Oversold?
Shorting the US Dollar is proving to be one of the most crowded trades at the start of the new year, but the recent move of 10-year yields above 1% has led to some strength for the greenback, and questions over whether it's oversold. Han Tan, analyst at FXTM, joined us on Forex Fridays, to discuss the recent moves of both the dollar and the yield curve, as well as the prospects of the British Pound and the Taiwan Dollar this year. He also discusses Malaysia's recent State of Emergency, and if it might pose any impact on the Ringgit moving forward.

JAN 15, 2021
15/01/21 - The role businesses and brands must play in society
2020 has shown that businesses have the responsibility to reinvent and drive developments on issues that really matter. What might those issues be and how can businesses humanise their digital efforts to improve employee and business satisfaction? Howie Lim speaks to Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of P&G to find out.

JAN 14, 2021
14/01/21 - Making Sense of SPACs and Potential Upside and Risks to Capital Markets
The SGX is reviewing the possibility of letting Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicles -- or SPACs -- list on the local bourse. This may make possible listings on the SGX quicker and more efficient -- but might SPACs carry inherent risks and potential lapses in due diligence in favor of speedier listings? Tham Tuck Seng- - Head of Capital Markets at PwC -- joined us on Prime Time to discuss the potential benefits to capital markets from SPACs, and to help assess the potential risks.

JAN 14, 2021
14/01/21 - ST: The Big Story, 14 Jan
In The Straits Times’ The Big Story, ST’s assistant video editor Olivia Quay spoke to foreign editor, Bhagyashree Garekar on what lies ahead in US President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. With less than a week until Mr Trump leaves office, they also discuss why impeachment is still a worthwhile move.

JAN 14, 2021
14/01/21 - Cyber threats and Covid-19 "vaccines" on the dark web
As Covid-19 vaccines rollout across the globe - providing hope to many, there are those  that are watching with greed and malice. Vendors on the dark web that claim to be able to provide the vaccine at a cost. To find out more about how Covid-19 vaccines are being used in cyber crime, Prime Time's Rachel Kelly spoke to Dr Sharat Sinha, Vice President & GM, APAC, at Check Point Software Technologies.

JAN 14, 2021
14/01/21 - Hong Kong: 11 More National Security Arrests & Covid-19 Updates
On Primetime, Howie Lim spoke to Claire Huang, Hong Kong correspondent for The Straits Times for an update and analysis of the latest from the territory.

JAN 14, 2021
14/01/21 - Encouraging risk-taking and innovation to navigate a tech talent crunch
In Career 360, Howie Lim spoke to Sandra Teh, Head of APJC, Global Employer Brand at Amazon Web Services (AWS) about encouraging risk-taking and innovation to navigate a tech talent crunch. In the technology industry, the demand for talent far surpasses the supply. Tech businesses will need to navigate the talent crunch by attracting, retaining, and nurturing a young workforce.

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