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DEC 5, 2022
05/12/22 - In the Spotlight: Strikes are expected across UK in run-up to Christmas
In the Spotlight on Prime Time every Monday, we speak with our friends at the BBC in London about some of the global headlines and stories they are tracking in the week ahead. Bharati Jagdish speaks with Rob Hugh-Jones, Editor, BBC Partner Hub in London, who is monitoring a major court case that opens in Belgium's capital, Brussels; strikes are expected in various sectors in the UK in the run-up to the busy Christmas season and the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in Norway. 

DEC 5, 2022
05/12/22 - Market View: Perfect Corp on the outlook for beauty tech industry, virtual makeup try-on, partnerships with beauty brands, future of virtual fashion try-ons
We’re going to talk all about beauty today. Speaking of beauty, have you ever gone out with little or no makeup only to realise you need to take a selfie or a photograph to put on your social media? In these situations, beauty apps that provide virtual makeup in real time would prove to be extremely useful. Taiwan’s virtual beauty brand Perfect Corp, is the company behind one of these apps. But beyond the app, the company also empowers beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, LVMH, Avon and Shiseido with product try-on, facial diagnostics, and digital consultation solutions. Question is - what exactly are the opportunities in the beauty tech industry and what are some plans for Perfect Corp going forward? On Market View, Chua Tian Tian sat down with Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp for more.

DEC 5, 2022
05/12/22 - The evolution of the agri-food and farm tech industry in Southeast Asia
As the agritech revolution converges in South East Asia, how should investors be navigating agriculture in the digital decade? Prime Time's Bharati Jagdish speaks with Philippe Ceulen, Head of Strategy, Mandalay to find out.

DEC 2, 2022
02/12/22 - In the Spotlight: "Enabling the Digital Economy: Global Opportunities in Digital Trust"
Fostering trust in the digital world is vital in today’s age of industry digitalization, the proliferation of misinformation, and changing societal attitudes towards privacy.  SG Tech, the trade association for the tech industry in Singapore, recently launched a landscape report into digital trust, which details how Singapore could grow the digital trust sector by nearly three-fold by 2027 – from S$1.7 billion currently to S$4.8 billion. In the Spotlight on Prime Time, Bharati Jagdish speaks with Royce Wee, Exco Member, SGTech Digital Trust Committeeto find out more.

DEC 2, 2022
02/12/22 - Can the BNPL Code of Conduct help to reduce revenge spending and debt-traps?
With the ‘Live Now Pay Later’ phenomenon catching on among consumers here, how will the growth of the Buy Now, Pay Later model impact consumer debt trends in Singapore? And can the introduction of the BNPL Code of Conduct help to reduce revenge spending and debt-traps? Prime Time's Bharati Jagdish finds out more from Ivar Bjorklund, Chief Commercial Officer at Collectius.

DEC 2, 2022
02/12/22 - Market View: US jobs data, Elon Musk vs Tim Cook, Asian stock vs factory activity performance
Global markets seem to be taking comfort in Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s balanced tone with regard to further interest rate hikes.  Following that comment by Powell, we have more economic data including initial jobless claims and personal income figures out of the US last night. Question is - to what extent do the data releases support the case for the central bank to tone down its pace of interest rate hikes?  Away from the US, November turned out to be the best month for Asian stocks in nearly 30 years, but yet private surveys showed factory output slumped for the month. Why the discrepancy? On Market View, Prime Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian spoke with Azeem Sheriff, Market Analyst, CMC Markets APAC & Canada for more. 

DEC 1, 2022
01/12/22 - Market View: US Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s speech, China’s reopening theme and India’s Q3 GDP
We cast the spotlight on the world’s top economies, namely the US, China, and India today. In the US, investors sift through Federal Reserve boss Jerome Powell’s speech at a Brookings Institution event last night for hints on the magnitude of future rate hikes.  Back in Asia, Chinese health officials had announced measures earlier this week to improve vaccination rates among the elderly - but to what extent does this speak about China’s plans to open up to the world once again? Meanwhile, India released its GDP figures for the third quarter yesterday, but to what extent is demand resilient in face of elevated price gains and borrowing costs?  On Market View, Prime Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian broke down the key topics of the week with Khoon Goh, Head of Asia Research at ANZ.

DEC 1, 2022
01/12/22 - In the Spotlight: How technology turns edible food waste to valuable ingredients
The UN and sustainability watchdogs noted that countries around the globe pledged in 2015 to halve food waste by 2030, but few are on track to do so. In the Spotlight on Prime Time, we find out how a local company is doing their part in tackling climate change when Bharati Jagdish speaks with Jessica Zhang, R&D Manager, Singnergy Corporation, as they produce high-value food ingredients from edible food waste or by-products that are usually perceived to be of no further value or use.

DEC 1, 2022
01/12/22 - NUS-ISS new brand launch: Accelerating digital excellence
With the Covid-19 pandemic presenting challenges to many organisations, pushing businesses to ramp up on digital transformation. Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish speaks with Khoong Chan Meng, CEO, NUS-ISS to find out how they working with the industry and workforce to climb the next curve of digital excellence. We’ll also find out more about NUS-ISS rebranding efforts which was officially unveiled by President Halimah Yacob at the NUS-ISS’ 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner. 

NOV 30, 2022
30/11/22 - In the Spotlight: Sunglasses that fit Asian features
Have you ever had to constantly adjust your sunglasses which never seems to stay on, especially for Asians with lower nose bridges, made worse by the sweltering Singapore heat? Plus, for those who are into active sports, we’re sure this is more than just an inconvenience. What if we told you that there are sunglasses that can stay on your nose without slipping off, frame your face, and are easy on your wallet? In the Spotlight, Bharati Jagdish speaks with Kenneth Tan, Co-Founder, Sunday Shades, for their eyewear that fits Asian features. Highlights from the conversation: 02:17: Making the switch from running a cloud-hosting company to retail eyewear 07:12: Taking the risk in creating shades that fit the Asian features 08:20: With 20,000 pairs of sunglasses to date, what is the key to success for the brand? 12:14: How does Sunday Shades keep cost low? 14:05: Expansion plans and future strategies for competing with bigger players in the market

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