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FEB 21, 2020
21/02/20 - Forex Fridays: What Now for the Singapore Dollar?
The Singapore Dollar has hit a rough patch, hitting 1.40 against the greenback on recession fears and what might be the widest budget deficit since the late 90s. A lot is being thrown at the COVID-19 outbreak's impact on the economy, but will this punish the local currency even more? DBS Senior Currency Economist Philp Wee joins us on Forex Fridays to talk about the fate of the Sing Dollar, and why some safe havens are losing their luster.

FEB 21, 2020
21/02/20 - The importance of human capital in SMEs
In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim speaks to Jin Choeh, Co-Founder and CEO of Swingvy about the importance of Human Capital in SMEs.

FEB 21, 2020
21/02/20 - Budget 2020: How does it compare to previous years?
The Straits Times senior Correspondent, Grace Ho joins Howie Lim and Bernard Lim to give us an analysis of the biggest headline coming out of Singapore. 

FEB 21, 2020
21/02/20 - Insights into Ageism at the workplace
In Career 360, Bernard Lim speaks to Jaya Dass, Managing Director of Singapore and Malaysia at Randstad for her insights into ageism at the workplace. According to a study done by them, over 1,000 Singapore-based respondents think they will reach career stagnation is 48.

FEB 20, 2020
20/02/20 - Rewarding the leading start-ups in AgriFoodTech from Asia Pacific
In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim speaks to Isabelle Decitre, CEO at ID Capital about rewarding the leading start-ups in AgriFoodTech from Asia Pacific. Future Food Asia 2020 is back for its fourth edition.

FEB 20, 2020
20/02/20 - Will the Budget's COVID-19 Measures be Enough to Steady the Ship?
The Budget contained hefty measures to support individuals and firms that might get rocked by the COVID-19 outbreak. But will these be enough? And what will the enlarged budget deficit mean for the Singapore Dollar? Mizuho's Head for Economics and Strategy Vishnu Varathan joined Prime Time to discuss.

FEB 20, 2020
20/02/20 - Slumping tourism will cost Asia up to $115b in 2020
In Asia Insider, Howie Lim and Bernard Lim speak to Robert Carnell from ING Bank about the impact Covid 19 has had on the Asian tourism market.

FEB 20, 2020
20/02/20 - 2020 Talent trends for Singapore and Hong Kong
In Career 360, Bernard Lim speaks with Natasha Madhavan from Selby Jennings, Singapore about the 2020 talent trends for Hong Kong and Singapore, two of the world’s busiest port cities and top financial centres.

FEB 19, 2020
19/02/20 - Across the ASEAN -- A Look at Singapore's Budget with Moody's
Moody's Senior VP Christian de Guzman joins us on Across the ASEAN to give us his impressions of the 2020 Budget, particularly the significant stimulus measures afforded to tackle the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak and its economic impact on the local economy.

FEB 19, 2020
19/02/20 - Insights into Budget 2020’s initiatives aimed at businesses and SMEs
In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim speaks to Ang Yuit, Vice President, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises or ASME. He’ll have insights into Budget 2020’s initiatives aimed at businesses and SMEs.

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