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Claressa Monteiro speaks with health and wellness professionals to bring you the most up to date information on our most pressing health concerns. How to keep our stress levels in check and how to make sure our children are their happiest and healthiest selves.

AUG 14, 2020
14/08/20 - Health Suites: Spa Safety Post-Circuit Breaker
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Jazreel Low, CEO of Aramsa Spas about spa treatments post-circuit breaker and how spas are working to ensure the safety of customers and their staff.

AUG 12, 2020
12/08/20 - Health Suites: Dizziness Dangers
Today on Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Dr Matthew Tung, Neurosurgeon from the Singapore Sports & Orthopaedic Clinic about one of the most common reasons for visits to the doctor: dizziness. Dr Tung breaks down the different sensations of dizziness, the range of causes, and warning signs to look out for.

AUG 11, 2020
11/08/20 - Health Suites: Anxiety in Women
On Heath Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Associate Professor Helen Chen, Head & Senior Consultant, at the Department of Psychological Medicine, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital about anxiety disorders, one of the most common mental health conditions worldwide. Professor Chen explains why women are more prone to having anxiety attacks, when to seek a diagnosis, and managing the condition.

AUG 7, 2020
07/08/20 - Health Suites: Telehealth Industry in Singapore
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Lim Wai Mun, CEO & Founder, Dr Anywhere. Dr Anywhere is a Singapore-based Healthtech company, founded to improve healthcare delivery. As we tentatively head out again, will face-to-face consultations disappear into the past? He talks to us about the future of the telehealth industry and changes in patient behaviour, with the lifting of stay-home restrictions and the march towards the ‘new normal’.

AUG 5, 2020
05/08/20 - Health Suites: Differentiating Back Pains
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Dr Koh Kim Hwee, Clinical Lead for Musculoskeletal Workgroup, SingHealth Polyclinics about a common problem troubling most of us: backaches. We find out the causes of backaches, the various types of backaches that we suffer from, and how our backaches might be warning signs of something more serious.

AUG 4, 2020
04/08/20 - Health Suites: The Truth About Bipolar Disorder
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Dr Nisha Chandwani, Consultant from the Department of Mood & Anxiety from the Institute of Mental Health about the often-misunderstood bipolar disorder. Dr Chandwani expands on contributing factors, common misconceptions that many of us might have, and what an early diagnosis can do for treatment and management.

AUG 3, 2020
03/08/20 - Health Suites: Childhood Vaccinations During COVID-19
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Dr Chan Si Min,Consultant and Head, Division of Paediatric Infectious Diseases, NUH about childhood vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given parents’ concern over visiting hospitals and clinics during this time, is it still imperative to keep to the Ministry of Health shot schedule? We find out about delaying childhood vaccinations, compromises and possible dangers to children’s immune systems.

JUL 29, 2020
29/07/20 - Health Suites: OCBC Answers Your Telemedicine Needs
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Pranav Seth, Head of Digital and Innovation. OCBC Bank about the growing interest in telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic, what patients are currently interested in, and medical consultations via OCBC’s holistic healthcare app.

JUL 29, 2020
29/07/20 - Soul of Business: Financial Inclusion and Diversity
On Soul of Business, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Sisca Margaretta, Chief Marketing Officer, Experian Asia Pacific about supporting vulnerable communities severely impacted by COVID-19, driving inclusive economic recovery in Asia Pacific, and empowering disadvantaged consumers.

JUL 28, 2020
28/07/20 - Health Suites: Chronic Adult Ear Infections
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Dr Lynne Lim, Senior Consultant Ear Nose Throat, Head & Neck Surgeon, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre about the common types of ear infections that can inflict us and what are the symptoms of adult ear infections. 

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