Health Suites


Claressa Monteiro speaks with health and wellness professionals to bring you the most up to date information on our most pressing health concerns. How to keep our stress levels in check and how to make sure our children are their happiest and healthiest selves.

SEP 5, 2019
05/09/19 - Health Suites: The Long-Term Implications from Broken Bones
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks with Dr Derrick Oh, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Island Orthopaedic (A Member of Healthway Medical Group) about the implications from injuries sustained by youth during sport activities, the ways youth can go about strengthening their bones after suffering injuries and debunk the myths surrounding the long-term effects of injuries to the bones of the youth.

SEP 4, 2019
04/09/19 - Health Suites: The Various Means of Treating Prostate Cancer
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks with Dr Daniel Tan, Deputy Medical Director, Consultant, Radiation Oncologist, Concord International Hospital about the four types of prostate cancer, how systemic therapy and radiation therapy are used in treating various forms of cancer and the impact treatment will have on a victim’s daily activities.

SEP 3, 2019
03/09/19 - Health Suites: Dr Leow Khang Leng on Silent Heart Attacks
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks with Dr Leow Khang Leng, Consultant Cardiologist, Nobel Heart Centre (A Member of Healthway Medical Group) about silent heart attacks, the symptoms to look out for, the complications that could arise from being struck by one and the ways to prevent the condition altogether.

SEP 2, 2019
02/09/19 - Health Suites: Hepatitis B
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks with Dr Julian Ng of Dr Tan and Partners Clinic  about Hepatitis B, the symptoms we should look out for, and the preventive measures we can take to avoid infection. HEALTH SUITES is a brand-new segment that places the spotlight on doctors, medical experts, as well as beauty and wellness professionals.  During this segment, you can look forward to hearing about the latest developments in medicine and wellness from the best and brightest of both industries. They will also debunk common myths about their areas of expertise.

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