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Claressa Monteiro speaks with health and wellness professionals to bring you the most up to date information on our most pressing health concerns. How to keep our stress levels in check and how to make sure our children are their happiest and healthiest selves.

JAN 19, 2021
19/01/21 - Health Suites : Rise of Tele-monitoring and what it means for patients?
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Clinical Associate Professor Tan Ngiap Chuan, Director of Research, SingHealth Polyclinics and Vice-chair, Research, SingHealth-Duke NUS Family Medicine Academic Clinical Programme (FM ACP), on tele-monitoring that has shown benefits for chronic disease management and has been a potential tool to detect abnormal health trends in patients. 

JAN 18, 2021
18/01/21 - Health Suites : Sons of mothers with heart-healthy lifestyles live longer
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr Rohit Khurana, Senior Consultant Cardiologist with Harley Street Heart and Vascular Centre on a new study published in the November issue of the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology which shows that mum’s influence on children’s health persists well into late middle-age.

JAN 14, 2021
14/01/21 - Health Suites: How Much Do You Know About Headaches?
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr Koh Kim Hwee, Clinical Lead for Musculoskeletal Workgroup, SingHealth Polyclinics on stressed induced headaches and what we can do about it.

JAN 13, 2021
13/01/21 - Health Suites: Early Detection Test For Kidney Disease
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr. Visit Thraveeprungsriporn (Dr Visit Thraveep), Managing Director of Nitto Denko Asia Technical Centre on a new kidney test that would be available to Singapore patients at Singapore General Hospital to combat the country's sixth most common cause of death - Chronic Kidney Disease. 

JAN 12, 2021
12/01/21 - Health Suites: Do Your Hands Reveal Your Age?
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr KK Chew, aesthetics physician and medical director at NU U Aesthetics, to find out more about how to protect our hands, not just from Covid-19, but from the ravaging effects of too much soap, sanitiser, and even reverse the worst drying effects.  

DEC 30, 2020
30/12/20 - Health Suites: Can You Drink To Your Heart's Content?
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr Reginald Liew, Senior Consultant Cardiologist at the Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre at Gleneagles, to learn more about the effects of alcohol on those with AF and other heart conditions, and how much is too much and how much is safe to drink this festive season. 

DEC 28, 2020
28/12/20 - Health Suites: How To Get A "Fresh Face" To Be 2021 Ready?
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr Matthew Yeo, plastic surgeon Picasso Plastic Surgery to find out more about the option of more invasive but long-lasting treatments, such as facelifts, to be 2021 ready.

DEC 18, 2020
18/12/20 - Health Suites: Botox and filler injections to stay ageless
In this episode 2 of a three part Health Suites focus on aesthetic medicine options to be ready for 2021, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr Lam Bee Lan from Ageless Medical on botox and filler injections to define and rejuvenate the body. 

DEC 14, 2020
14/12/20 - Health Suites: Presenting your best face for the festive and new year
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr Shiau Ee Leng, aesthetics physician, ClearSK Healthcare Group about the treatments we can probably get in time to present our best face for the festives and new year.

DEC 8, 2020
08/12/20 - Health Suites: Can a visit to a chiropractor relieve my pain?
In Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Dr Viron Lee, Chiropractor, Perfect Zones Chiropractic about chiropractic and how you can benefit from it.

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