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Claressa Monteiro speaks with health and wellness professionals to bring you the most up to date information on our most pressing health concerns. How to keep our stress levels in check and how to make sure our children are their happiest and healthiest selves.

JUN 30, 2020
30/06/20 - Health Suites: Providing medical services at your doorstep
On Health Suites, Host Claressa Monteiro speaks to Ms Gillian Tee, CEO, and co-founder of social enterprise Homage, who was the recent recipient of DBS’ Social Enterprise Grant.

JUN 12, 2020
12/06/20 - Health Suites: Signs of a sinister headache
On Health Suites, Host Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr Lin Xuling, consultant neuro oncologist and programme director for Brain Tumour Programme at the National Neuroscience Institute. She shares some signs of a serious headache and how brain tumour can be treated.

JUN 10, 2020
10/06/20 - Health Suites: Addressing mental health needs
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro spoke to Antoinette Renee Patterson, CEO, Safespace to find out how Safespace makes it easier for people to find the right therapist.

JUN 9, 2020
09/06/20 - Health Suites: Addressing mental health issues through AI
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Sanjeev Magotra, CEO, JOYE.AI. about how machine learning, AI, and natural language processing, can help us keep an even keel in relation to our mental health.

JUN 8, 2020
08/06/20 - Social distancing is here to stay until Covid-19 vaccine is found
Sensible policies and calibrated social distancing are here to stay until a vaccine is found. Host Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr. Shawn Vasoo Clinical Director at the National Centre of Infectious Diseases to find out what they now know about Covid-19. 

JUN 5, 2020
05/06/20 - Health Suites: Reporting adverse events digitally
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr. Kenneth Sim, Medical Director of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei about their new medical platform, 'SafeTrack' and the advantage of digitizing adverse events reporting.

JUN 3, 2020
03/06/20 - Health Suites: Headaches and Migraines Need to Know
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks with Dr Koh Kim Hwee, Clinical Lead, Musculoskeletal Workgroup, SingHealth Polyclinics about what causes headaches and migraines, and what we need to know about it.

JUN 1, 2020
01/06/20 - Health Suites: Don’t Sit on Back Pains
On Health Suites, Host Claressa Monteiro speaks with Dr Diana Chan, Director, Pain Medicine, Sengkang General Hospital about why we suffer from lower back pain and what we can do about it.

MAY 21, 2020
21/05/20 - Health Suites: Parkinson's Disease
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speak with Dr N V Ramani, Specialist in Neurology and Consultant of Raffles Neuroscience Centre to find out more about Parkinson’s disease and who is at risk of getting it.

MAY 18, 2020
18/05/20 - Health Suites: Debunking myths about hospitals being a source of infection
On Health Suites, Claressa Monteiro speaks to Dr Noel Yeo, Senior Vice President, Hospital Operations, Singapore Operations Division, Parkway Pantai about concerns over whether hospitals are safe, due to the overwhelming attention on COVID-19 and the rising number of infected patients being treated across all public or private hospitals.

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