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JAN 31, 2023
31/01/23 - Sami Terki: Tales of a Bartender
Sami Terki was born and raised in Paris, France and moved to Singapore in early 2021 after making a name for himself in the UK and Australia. He his currently a bartender with The Compound Collective, the Group behind Barbary Coast which includes Ballroom and Deadfall along with their sister bar Revival. Adrian Abraham speaks to Sami about the events that led him to be a bartender, some of his career highlights and why he decided to move to Singapore.

JAN 31, 2023
31/01/23 - How a full-time Dentist became an established food blogger
Wendy Tseng is a dentist by profession but her love for food inspired her to start a food blog just over 10 years ago.  Adrian Abraham speaks to Wendy about how she's managed to grow her blog to over 60,000 followers on Instagram and how the culinary scene in Singapore compares to Australia. She also shares some top F&B recommendations when it comes to brunch spots or date nights in Singapore.

JAN 31, 2023
31/01/23 - Chris Peart: 28 HongKong Street
28 HongKong Street has become a landmark cocktail destination in Singapore with its laid-back vibe, stellar drinks and food from the creative team. Adrian Abraham speaks to Chris Peart, General Manager at 28 HongKong Street about International guest shifts in the post-pandemic world, what makes the bar a landmark cocktail institution in Singapore and why the Black Forest Negroni can't be passed up at 28HKS. 

JAN 31, 2023
31/01/23 - Naz Zurimi: Sago House
Sago House is an unpretentious all-day destination built from scratch by the team with no investors. The program features a weekly rotating menu of cocktails created from produce found in the locality along with some simple tasty bites. Adrian Abraham speaks to Naz Zurimi, Head Bartender at Sago House about the thought process behind the unique cocktail concept, some of his favourite drinks to make and what it means to be part of the Sago family. 

JAN 31, 2023
31/01/23 - Hemant Pathak: Junoon
Raised in the foothills of Himalayas. Hemant began his journey in hospitality at the Taj Palace, Delhi. After winning the Diageo world class, he moved to what he calls his home now, New York. General Manager to an acclaimed Indian establishment called Junoon. Hemant is an award winning mixologist who draws his inspiration from the spices. Whether it’s his Mumbai Margarita or Masala Rye, Hemant is constantly fusing cultures through his cocktails.  Adrian Abraham speaks to Hemant about how Diageo world class changed his life, the lessons he learnt from being homeless in New York and how he managed to establish himself as an award winning mixologist.

JAN 30, 2023
30/01/23 - Meilin Yeo: How to grow a food blog in Singapore
Meilin Yeo's food blog, diningwithmeilin.com was born out of her interest of food & social network during the Covid-19 pandemic. She features new & trending F&B venues in Singapore including private dining, cafes, casual dining and fine dining. Adrian Abraham speaks to Meilin about what makes her unique compared to other food bloggers in Singapore, some of the must try F&B outlets in the country and how she manages to strike a balance between her full-time job and the blog.

JAN 25, 2023
25/01/23 - Why are there calls for Australia Day to be cancelled
Adrian Abraham speaks to ABC News Journalist Jason Dasey about the controversy surrounding Australia Day and how Australian honey producers won a legal battle against New Zealand to use the word Manuka.

JAN 18, 2023
18/01/23 - Vegolution: Your guide to modern vegetarian food in Singapore
Nitya and Vishara were batchmates at The National University of Singapore. Their love for vegetarian food eventually led to the inception of a unique food blog on Instagram in September 2021. Titled Vegolution, the duo are out to spread the word that Singapore is a vegetarian food haven. Adrian Abraham speaks to Nitya and Vishara about the inspiration behind the blog, some of their top picks when it comes to F&B establishments in Singapore and the response they've received from the general public. 

JAN 13, 2023
13/01/23 - Why an executive chef left everything behind to open a pizza shop
Son Pham moved from Hong Kong to Singapore in mid 2021, leaving behind his position as an executive chef to try his hand at opening a pizza shop. Sonny's Pizza keeps things simple yet delicious, a concept that is a blessing for pizza lovers in Singapore.They also offer a wide selection of craft beers that go hand in hand with their pies. Adrian Abraham speaks to Son about how his humble beginnings shaped him up to be the person he is today, the reasons behind the success of Sonny's Pizza and his most memorable moment as the shop celebrates its one year anniversary.

JAN 10, 2023
10/01/23 - Damian D'Silva: Preserving Singapore Heritage Cuisine
Chef Damian D'Silva is an Advocator of Singapore Heritage Cuisine and Chef Partner at Rempapa, an establishment that serves flavours of Chinese, Peranakan, Eurasian, Indian and Malay cuisine. As part of his plan to keep Singapore Heritage Cuisine alive, he has worked closely with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to promote the Cuisine abroad.  Adrian Abraham speaks to Chef Damian about the changing landscape of Singapore's culinary scene over the past 10 to 15 years, his biggest takeaway from working in the F&B industry and what guests can expect at Rempapa during the upcoming CNY festivities.

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