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NOV 1, 2020
01/11/20 - Brunches: Singapore's very own vintage cafe
Today on What’s on the menu, Adrian Abraham speaks to the founders of Brunches Cafe Gina Lau and Irene Soon about surviving the circuit breaker, life during the new normal and of course, what’s on the menu.

NOV 1, 2020
01/11/20 - Kafe Utu: Singapore's original African Cafe
Kurt Wagner is the owner of Kafe Utu. Singapore's original African Cafe. Having grown up in different parts of Africa, Kurt has brought the real flavour of the region to Singapore, from the authentic food, vibrant decor, music and an exquisite selection of coffee and drinks.

NOV 1, 2020
01/11/20 - SingaCup goes digital to celebrate 10th anniversary
Adrian Abraham speaks to Selvakumar Panneerselvam, tournament director at SingaCup.  The tournament is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year however, instead of welcoming over 200 competing teams from 10 or more countries as initially planned, they'll be hosting their first ESingaCup.

OCT 29, 2020
29/10/20 - Colette Wong: Journey of an iconic Singaporean sports presenter
While waiting for an interview for her dream job at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Colette Wong was offered the role as a sports reporter for Singapore Television 12. The rest as they say is history. Colette went on to work with CNBC, ESPN and is currently with Fox Sports Asia. She describes her journey in the sports broadcasting industry, memorable sporting events she's covered and what it's like being a full-time mum while being a sports presenter.

OCT 29, 2020
29/10/20 - Amanda Lee: Owner, Vaultage activewear
Adrian Abraham speaks to Amanda Lee, Owner of Vaultage - an activewear brand based in Singapore about what inspired her to set up her own business and what makes Vaultage unique compared to the other products out there. She also offers insights on diet and exercise.

OCT 26, 2020
26/10/20 - How a magazine cover shoot inspired a fitness obsession
Adrian Abraham speaks speaks to Shaun Tupaz, who's the executive producer for Glenn and the Flying Dutchman's breakfast show on ONE FM 91.3. He explains  how a photoshoot for Men's health magazine inspired his fitness journey and why we should all be keeping fit, no matter how busy those work schedules are. 

OCT 25, 2020
25/10/20 - Singaporean Tennis star achieves WTA ranking against all odds
Sarah Pang is Singaporean Tennis player who achieved her dream of earning a WTA ranking despite only having $1.87 in her bank account at one point of her journey. She describes her eventful career, how she's kept herself occupied during the Covid-19 Pandemic and the role Jack Ma has played in her life. magine only having $1.87 cents left in your bank account but you refused to give up on your dream. That's the story of Sarah Pang, a Singaporean Tennis player and a true fighter when all odds were against her.

OCT 23, 2020
23/10/20 - Two Bakers: Singapore's artisan cafe with a twist
Adrian Abraham speaks to Jessica Chin, the co-founder of Two Bakers, an artisan cafe. Whether it's brunch, desserts or specialty drinks, Two bakers have got you covered. Jessica describes what inspired her to open up the establishment, surviving the circuit breaker as well as what first timers should order when heading down to the cafe.

OCT 22, 2020
22/10/20 - Kevin Sim outlines Bundesliga's Asian Ambition
Adrian Abraham speaks to Kevin Sim, Head of Bundesliga International for APAC about what the league is doing to grow their presence in the region, dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and what the future holds for the Bundesliga in Asia.

OCT 10, 2020
10/10/20 - Bern's Bites: Michel Lu (The Orientalist Spirits)
Everybody on the streets know this next person or has heard the name Michel Lu. He can easily be considered a F&B veteran in Singapore, a serial restaurateur who has created and marketed F&B brands for the past 20 years or so. Think Centro, Hacienda, Stereolab, Foodology, The Privé Group, Wildfire Kitchen + Bar and, more recently, Savourworld.  This veteran F&B entrepreneur now has the time for introspection and has started to distil boutique Asian flavours under The Orientalist Spirits brand, and also aims to champion other independent distilleries in the region. Hear all about his latest venture The Orientalist Spirits. What is it all about and how did the idea come about? Catch this podcast.  

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