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Adrian Abraham takes the helm from 12pm to 1pm with a range of conversations around Sports and Fitness to F&B and life hacks. All you need to keep you entertained and informed through lunch.

OCT 10, 2020
10/10/20 - Bern's Bites: Michel Lu (The Orientalist Spirits)
Everybody on the streets know this next person or has heard the name Michel Lu. He can easily be considered a F&B veteran in Singapore, a serial restaurateur who has created and marketed F&B brands for the past 20 years or so. Think Centro, Hacienda, Stereolab, Foodology, The Privé Group, Wildfire Kitchen + Bar and, more recently, Savourworld.  This veteran F&B entrepreneur now has the time for introspection and has started to distil boutique Asian flavours under The Orientalist Spirits brand, and also aims to champion other independent distilleries in the region. Hear all about his latest venture The Orientalist Spirits. What is it all about and how did the idea come about? Catch this podcast.  

OCT 7, 2020
07/10/20 - Bern's Bites: Stronger Bones for the Future (Bibi Chia)
Osteoporosis is a silent disease and also one of the most common chronic diseases. Worldwide, osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually, resulting in an osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds.  It can affect both men and women of all age and race.  1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 will experience an osteoporotic fracture.  In the next 50 years, more than half of all osteoporotic hip fractures are projected to occur in Asia.  So what exactly is osteoporosis? Find out more in this podcast LIVE TO EAT with the Principal Dietitian of Raffles Medical Group Bibi Chia.

OCT 6, 2020
06/10/20 - Bern's Bites: Lina Marican (Linkedin)
Many senior executives have a vast network who follow them on LinkedIn, but hardly have time to post original content. As LinkedIn is a professional social media platform – some executives might also be stuck curating and sharing personal opinions – having trouble aligning them with their job scope. Over 85% of executives in Asia believe that having a social CEO helps a company’s reputation (according to Hootsuite).  LinkedIn is more important than ever as networking has gone digital during the pandemic. Catch some handy tips to curate and create compelling content for your LinkedIn profile. Check out this podcast with the Managing Director of Mutant Communications Lina Marican as we learn more from her.

OCT 5, 2020
05/10/20 - Bern's Bites: Why do Fathers need to be aware? (Bryan Tan)
Why do Fathers need to be Aware? What is your child most prized possession? What is your child greatest achievement this year? Who is your child closest friend? What does it mean to be aware? Why is this important? What is the flip side of being too aware? Chief Executive for Dadsforlifes and Centre for Fathering, Bryan Tan shares with Bernard Lim in details about this. 

OCT 2, 2020
02/10/20 - Bern's Bites: Xin Tekka Centre the Food Hall
We take you to explore the newly opened spanking Xin Tekka Centre, 2 Serangoon Road, the Annex Block units #01-55 to 59. Spanning approximately 10,000 square feet and two floors, Xin Tekka is a new hybrid-model food hub which offers sustainable entry-point rental rates for tenants which is crucial in bringing legendary hawkers on-board and helping these tenants tide through this uncertain time.Xin Tekka is the first ever Singapore food hall in Little India curated by food enthusiasts. We meet the operators and hawkers as well. Enjoy the Chef Pang’s Hakka Noodles, Casa Bomb Vento Express, Alhambra Satay, Liang Ji, Hosay’s Delicacy, RW Express and many more. Check out this podcast

OCT 1, 2020
01/10/20 - Bern's Bites: Social Kitchen (Alvin Mark Yapp)
The Social Kitchen is the brainchild of two President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Award winners Alvin Mark Yapp and Ang Kian Peng. The Social Kitchen has just launched its brand and flagship central kitchen located at the Y Cafe YMCA. The Social Kitchen seeks to make a real difference in helping food and beverage businesses in Singapore survive the Covid-19 economic fallout that has hit the market, while bettering the lives of its special needs and underprivileged beneficiaries. The Social Kitchen plans to grow to 50 kitchens across Singapore. Check out this podcast and learn about how you can help too.

SEP 30, 2020
30/09/20 - Bern's Bites: Futuristic Kitchen (Bibi Chia)
According to the market intelligence report, the smart kitchen appliances market is expected to reach $8.20 billion by 2024. The increasing urbanisation has also fuelled the need for independently operating kitchen appliances, which the consumers can access or give orders to operate based on their convenience. This has been made possible with the extensive internet connectivity, which is present in most advanced economies but is gradually picking pace in the developing nations. As a result, the ease in operating and managing kitchens has made smart kitchen appliances an attractive option for consumers who lead a hectic lifestyle. Do you think a Smart Kitchen can help people eat healthy? So what exactly is a smart kitchen and how can it help us? What are some of the possibilities of the smart kitchen helping people to eat healthy? Catch this podcast with the Principal Dietitian of Raffles Medical Group, Bibi Chia.

SEP 28, 2020
28/09/20 - Bern's Bites: Why Fathers need to have consistency? (Bryan Tan)
What are the important things to be consistent in? Do you know how your kids and wife would respond to that question? What does it mean to be consistent? Why is this important? What is the flip side of being too consistent? Catch this podcast with the Chief Executive of dadsforlife and Centre for Fathering.   

SEP 25, 2020
25/09/20 - Bern's Bites: Yuen Oeij (Prive Group Chairman)
We speak to Yuen Oeij, the Chairman of the Prive Group, with many outlets in Singapore. Personally, he has gone vegan a few years ago and enjoying his life now. Find out and learn his journey all the way through. Catch this podcast. 

SEP 24, 2020
24/09/20 - Bern's Bites: Chef Dylan Ong (The Masses)
The Masses 10.0 menu in three years and a half. A Franco-Asian restaurant set up by a relentless independent Singaporean chef Dylan Ong, the team at the Masses believes in happiness in service to others. A few things are top priority at The Masses: hospitality, catering to the local palate, and delivering great value. The team’s dedication to the mission to make “chi-chi” French cuisine accessible to the masses has helped keep the homegrown brand down-to-earth. Chef Dylan, who has vivid memories of his Singaporean hawker parents selling kway chap, worked hard with his team to develop the Masses 10.0 menu. Catch this podcast to find out more.  

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