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Join The Breakfast Huddle presenter, Elliott Danker and Alex Chua, CEO of Goldbell Financial Services as they discuss the thought process of preparing a business for the future.

18 November, Thursday

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Hosted by
Elliott Danker
MONEY FM 89.3 Presenter

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Guest Speaker
Alex Chua
CEO, Goldbell Financial Services

Alex Chua is the Chief Executive Officer of Goldbell Financial Services (GBFS), a subsidiary of Goldbell Group, Singapore's market leader in commercial vehicle distribution and leasing.
Alex founded GBFS in 2015 to finance and empower the visions of SMEs through innovative capability-enhancing financing solutions. Since then, GBFS has grown into a fast-growing non-bank financial institution that has funded more than S$1 billion cumulatively (as of 31 March 2021) across various sectors.
Before establishing and leading Goldbell Financial Services, Alex was the Chief Operating Officer of Goldbell Group. From 2005 to 2012, he was also the Head of Equity Derivatives Retail Structured Products Distribution SEA at JP Morgan.



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LISTEN | Mind Your Business: Goldbell On The Fast Track In The Future Mobility Front

After much consideration, Goldbell Corporation has recently announced the completion of its acquisition of electric car-sharing firm BlueSG and is set to invest S$40 million to grow the company over the next two years. Kelvin Tay, Managing Director, Future Mobility Goldbell & Director, BlueSG shares the company's thought process when deciding on what to add on to their business vertices and the kind of opportunities Goldbell foresee in the ‘controlled environment autonomy’ sector in Singapore.

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Why It Matters: Losing customers after working with ‘unethical suppliers’: How can brands rectify it
New research from OpenText has revealed that 45 percent of Singaporean consumers would never buy from a brand again if it was accused of working with unethical suppliers. George Harb, Regional Vice President – Business Ecosystems, OpenText APAC, shares more about the findings and why there is a rising demand for ethical business principles among consumers.

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Mind Your Business: F&B AI Platform takes customers feedback and tells restaurants exactly how they can improve their businesses
NJ Group, a service experience and hospitality solutions company, recently launched a cognitive digital platform, Eagle, that ensures clarity and authenticity from the reviews that F&B businesses typically receive. Neelendra Jain, Founder & CEO, NJ Group, shares how the platform collects and analyses data, along with the advantages that businesses can leverage on.

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Mind Your Business: Applying lessons in military leadership to running a business
After witnessing the impact of the Asian Financial Crisis when it hit his family in 1997, Kelvin Fu, Managing Partner, Gunung Capital, made a resolve to never allow the same thing to happen to him or his family again. On The Breakfast Huddle, he shares how he has made different financial choices since then – with his priority now in capital preservation and growth – and how his experience in the army has shaped him as an investor.

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Why It Matters: Changing the marketing landscape for businesses and consumers in a post-Covid-19 world
YouAdMe, an advertising media platform, allows different brands to build relationships with their consumers through word-of-mouth marketing. And as marketers find new ways to navigate the ongoing pandemic, could this be the solution for companies to grow faster? Chai Zhi Ying, Commercial Director, YouAdMe shares more about the platform and how the marketing landscape will change in a post covid-19 world.

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Mind Your Business: Hustling hard and working smart - how this business owner is surviving and thriving
While we thought that it was the end of Jekyll & Hyde Cocktail Bar, the bar found a new home in a two-storey shophouse at Neil Road. Like many other restaurants in the embattled food and beverage (F&B) industry, Jekyll & Hyde was hit hard by the pandemic. Ee Chien Chua, Owner, Jekyll & Hyde Cocktail Bar shares his experiences and stories of constant pivoting, and how Xero's platform helped with cost allocation and made his business maintain its positive cash flow.

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Why It Matters: Marketing campaign gone wrong - Can a business recover from it?
Can a brand or company ever recover from a marketing campaign or publicity stunt that has gone wrong? Tina Chopra, Founder & Director, Script Consultants, shares why some marketing campaigns fail and how companies can recover from those situations. She also discusses the implications and key takeaways from the Speech Academy Asia incident that took place recently.

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Why It Matters: 80 percent of global top performing companies collaborate with competitors: Is this the way to go?
Findings from the TCS 2021 Global Leadership Study revealed that 80 percent of top performing companies have been collaborating with competitors to remain competitive. Ameet Nivsarkar, Vice President & Country Manager, TCS Singapore, shares more about the study and why business leaders should recalibrate their organisational and digital strategies - even if it means being open to the idea of working with a competitor

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Why It Matters: Email marketing: How to do it right
With a user base of over 4 billion people, email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel for businesses to communicate with their audiences – even beating out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Vary Yong, Managing Director, iFoundries, shares why this decades-old technology still remains effective as a marketing strategy and how businesses can get it right.

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Why It Matters: The future of programmatic ads in Asia Pacific
Having to use separate platforms to advertise on different channels and having to select the best places to advertise digitally are both increasingly daunting. However, with the use of Programmatic Advertising, digital efforts can now be streamlined and consolidated in just one technology platform. Josh Quek, Managing Director, Xaxis, shares more about the automation, how it makes transactions more efficient, and what the future holds for programmatic ads.

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Why It Matters: Primech to transform the cleaning industry, using latest technologies and innovating green products
It looks like electric vehicles (EVs) are charging forward in Singapore, fuelled partly by more generous tax incentives and stricter emission rules. Even the cleaning industry is also taking measures to be sustainable. Vernon Kwek, Co-Founder, Primech A&P shares his company's plans to convert its vehicles into an all-electric of 70 EVs by 2025 and how they are tackling the challenges of EV adoption.

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The rise of NFT and how businesses can get on board with this trend
At its simplest, NFTs provide a unique marker - think barcode - that essentially provides proof that a piece of digital artwork - think Jpeg file - is the original. Interestingly, For a market relatively new to the world, it grew 299% in 2020 indicating its potential to become the next leading asset class for the virtual economy, especially among the Gen-Z and Millennial gaming and collectibles communities. Michael Patent, Founder & President, Culture Group shares the advantages of brands tapping into NFTs as part of their brands' commercial offering and why NFTs have some sort of an exciting prospect, especially in SEA.

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