PIEGA premium handcrafted Swiss loudspeakers now available in Singapore through an exclusive partnership with Tritone AV

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 31 March 2022 - Tritone AV announces its exclusive distributorship with PIEGA, which sees the premium Swiss handcrafted line of loudspeakers now available to purchase in Singapore.

"We are excited to bring PIEGA, a brand we have known and admired for a long time, into the homes of our customers in the region. As more of us spend more time at home, PIEGA's great sound, pristine quality, attractive and stylish design will transform the way people experience audio in their homes," says Mervyn Loh, Managing Director of Tritone AV.

Like Apple, Amazon and all the greats, PIEGA began in a garage. In 1986, two friends and audiophiles, Kurt Scheuch and Leo Greiner, who later became the company founders, realised their visions of making loudspeakers that not only produce excellent sound but also look stunning.

What sets PIEGA apart

  • PIEGA aluminium cabinets look and sound great. Leo and Kurt started producing loudspeaker cabinets with aluminium in 1997. The choice to use aluminium was for reasons beyond its sleek, good looks. PIEGA's rounded aluminium cabinets ensure high rigidity without the need for thickness and bulk found in the commonly used wooden cabinets — this achieves an excellent ratio between inner and outer volumes, reduces sound-affecting waves that occur in any speaker cabinet. Inert cabinets minimises distortion in audio reproduction.

  • PIEGA ribbon tweeters outperform conventional dome tweeters. Ribbon tweeters have been part of the PIEGA's history from day one for good reason. PIEGA hand-makes their unique tweeter and coaxial ribbons in Switzerland; featuring immensely light-weight and ultra-thin aluminium — 30 times lighter than the lightest, more commonly used dome tweeters. The aluminium is employed with extremely strong neodymium magnets and front plate to focus the directivity of the ribbon system to achieve high efficiency, faster acceleration to more precisely follow the music signals. The audible result: a particularly clear and extremely detailed soundscape.

  • PIEGA is and always will be a family business. That means you can expect extensive experience, a high level of flexibility and a commitment to stellar Swiss design approaches. Today, the business is run by second-generation owners Manuel Greiner and Alexander Greiner.

"We are thrilled that customers in Singapore will be able to experience the premium quality and design of PIEGA loudspeakers. More so, we are delighted to be doing this with Tritone, a trusted and knowledgeable partner that, like us, champions good sound," says Manuel Greiner, Managing Director of PIEGA.

The PIEGA Coax, Master, Premium, Premium Wireless and ACE series are now available in Singapore and the region. Prices start from S$1,000. Customers can book an experience session with Tritone at tritoneav.com/piega-switzerland.html.

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