Hong Kong Platinum Health Medical exclusively launches lightweight FreedomChair – electric wheelchairs balancing safety and convenience

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 28 July 2021 - Well-known for its continuously innovative and internationally accredited products, customers' safety and comfort has always been the top priority of Hong Kong Platinum Health Medical Co., Ltd. (hereafter Platinum Health). Its exclusively launched FreedomChair Series is proudly made of high-strength while lightweight aerospace aluminum alloy and features the pioneering use of carbon fiber. Coupled with energy-saving brushless motors, premium lithium batteries allowed on board, and foldable within 1 second, FreedomChair has earned quality assurance from various countries including FDA from the US.


Aerospace materials and foldability contribute to safety and convenience

As the best-seller of the Series, the 21 kg FreedomChair 8102 is made of aerospace aluminum alloy, which is commonly used in aircrafts and other aerospace structures. Its high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and extrudability (i.e. not tearing or cracking easily when pressured) allow it to bear 120 kg, making it a lightweight while safe option.


Platinum Health also launches exclusively the world's first-ever electric wheelchairs made of carbon fiber. Comprising more than 95% of carbon, this upscale and novel form of fiber offers lighter-than-aluminum while stronger-than-steel quality and prominent corrosion resistance. Take the 19 kg FreedomChair A-10 as an example, TORAY carbon fiber from Japan, which is of the highest quality in the world and the only carbon fiber allowed by the FAA of the US to be used in manufacturing key parts of Boeing 777, is incorporated into the whole electric wheelchair including the wheels. Serving its premise to safeguard the users, FreedomChair A-10 offers the most lightweight configuration globally.


A considerable number of Platinum Health's customers have experienced back flipping of lightweight wheelchairs of other brands before, which suggests the importance of choosing one that balances safety and convenience. Contrary to similar products in the market, each FreedomChair has the centers of its back wheels situated behind its chair, allowing climbs on steeper slopes while minimizing chances of flipping. Equipped with the thickened sponge sitting pad, a more comfortable journey can be achieved as well. This Series of lightweight electric wheelchairs is also foldable into luggage size within 1 second, which can be put in the back seat or the passenger's seat, making the wheelchairs easily portable and saving storage spaces.

Premium designs and equipment enhance performance and facilitate traveling

FreedomChair features brushless motors which are most highly regarded in the healthcare and rehabilitation field. Thanks to its energy-saving characteristics and stronger rotational force comparing to old-fashioned motors, users can enjoy longer operation hours of the wheelchairs and more relaxing journeys uphill. FreedomChair comes with the 1.7 kg lithium battery certified by FDA of the US. Easily detachable and reinstalled, such batteries are permitted to accompany its user on the plane.


Certification by multiple countries lives up to "Safety First" premise

FreedomChair has obtained more than 30 patents worldwide, while fulfilling the high-standard requirements of certification such as FDA of the US, ISO13485:2003, SGS, CE EN 12184 and NQA. Seldom electric wheelchairs in the market have comparable achievement. FreedomChair earns trust from occupational therapists, and is sought-after in the UK, the US, New Zealand and other European countries to name a few.


Platinum Health is the sole agent and the exclusive distributor of FreedomChair in Hong Kong. To get one today, visit –


FreedomChair products



Super lightweight electric wheelchair – FreedomChair 8102



Carbon fiber electric wheelchair – FreedomChair A-10



About Hong Kong Platinum Health Medical Co., Ltd.

Established in 2007, Hong Kong Platinum Health Medical Co., Ltd. comprises a diversely qualified team of mechanical, industrial, electrical engineering, design, ergonomic, occupational and physiological therapeutic experts. It aims to provide the most suitable wheelchairs and barrier-free products, and recommend accurate ways of utilizing them to its customers. All products of Platinum Health are recognized by the "No Fakes Pledge" Scheme by the Hong Kong Government and receive international accreditation, e.g. FDA, CE and IOS. As the first enterprise in Hong Kong with a sizable wheelchair maintenance workshop stationed by licensed personnel, its strength also lies in high quality aftersales and maintenance services. For more information about Platinum Health, please refer to https://cwheelchair.com.hk/.


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