Tim MacCartney, Miller Heiman Group APAC

Tim MacCartney, Miller Heiman Group APAC

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16 November 2022
How can HR leaders play a role in shaping global net-zero efforts?

The United Nations Environment Programme found that circularity is key in promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns. But it has yet to be at the centre of business strategies, with HR departments long been regarded as inconsequential in our path towards carbon neutrality.
Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish speaks with Tim MacCartney, Senior Vice President APAC, CoachHub to find out ways HR leaders can pave the way for a sustainable business transformation.

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30 September 2019
Influence: What is the future of selling?
As consumers, we’re spoilt for choices these days given the variety and aplenty amount of products that are readily available for us. And as traditional selling approaches fail to meet the evolved standards of today’s buyer, what do sellers need to know to get good business? Here’s one company that understands disruption and therefore invented the concept of ‘modern selling’ by helping sellers stay one step ahead even as consumers’ demands and businesses rapidly changes. Tim MacCartney, Managing Director of Miller Heiman Group APAC shares more.

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