Stephen Tracy, Milieu Insight

Stephen Tracy, Milieu Insight

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24 November 2022
Why It Matters: Pay transparency in job listings, does it really matter?
Conversations about money are always difficult, especially when it comes to pay. That is probably why pay often comes up only at the later stages of interviews, and for many people, often feels like an awkward dance of push-and-pull with companies.
Stephen Tracy, Chief Operating Officer, Milieu Insight discusses with us on whether pay transparency should be reflected from the start on a job listing.

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25 July 2022
Why aren't we taking sick leave when we need it?
While taking sick leave when you are ill seems logical - there are unspoken social rules and pressures over why and how much sick leave an employee can take.

Milieu Insight released its recent study on sick leave practices to understand whether Southeast Asian employees take sick leave as they need.

They found that a  whopping 77% of employees have chosen not to take sick leave despite being physically unwell.

Rachel Kelly spoke to Stephen Tracy Chief Operating Officer, Milieu Insight to find out more.

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23 June 2022
Why It Matters: Does it pay to be the good guy? Southeast Asians weigh in on work values
Milieu Insight recently released their latest ‘’Values at Work’’ study according to which employees in Southeast Asia were generally satisfied with their work environment. However, many said that the company's values did not align with their own. How much of an impact has that had on a company being attractive to potential employees?

We speak to Stephen Tracy, Chief Operating Officer, Milieu Insight more about this.

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