Shahid Nizami, HubSpot

Shahid Nizami, HubSpot

20 April 2020
Maintaining customer relationships in the midst of increased social distancing
In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim spoke to Shahid Nizami, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, HubSpot about the extra challenges businesses now face improving the customer experience.

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28 August 2019
Is Freemium the new go-to business model?
A ‘freemium’ business model is one where users are able to access basic functionalities for free, with more premium features available for a fee. Shahid Nizami, Managing Director, APAC at HubSpot shares more about it and how it can benefit companies.

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On Midday with Howie Lim, Shahid Nizami, Managing Director of Asia Pacific, HubSpot, tells us how SMEs can grow better, not faster.

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