Ricky Willianto, Ravenry

Ricky Willianto, Ravenry

23 April 2020
The intertwined future of work and life
The COVID-19 pandemic is a black swan event that is currently disrupting the global economy. And with people and organisations adapting to the new modality of work, we chat with Ricky Willianto, co-founder of Ravenry on the changes society has been going through the last few months.

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30 July 2019
Generating actionable insights for your business within 48 hours
Ravenry is an on-demand desk research platform generating actionable insights for businesses within 48 hours by combining human, technology, and data. They work with Fortune 500 companies by supporting them in commercial due diligence, market analysis, competitor and technology scanning, and even leads generation. So, what led founder Ricky Willianto to set Ravenry up? What gap in the market is he trying to fill and how is Ravenry doing?

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