Rickie Jia, Pictet Wealth Management Asia

Rickie Jia, Pictet Wealth Management Asia

Rickie Jia

25 January 2024
Money in the Market: Why 2024 is the year of the funambulist
2023 turned out to be better than many had expected for markets. But a number of key issues are coming to the forefront that will affect prospects in 2024. Pictet Wealth Management has recently published its prediction for the global economy and financial markets for the year ahead. They’ve labelled the year of 2024 as the ‘The Year of the Funambulist'. On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Rickie Jia, Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management Multi-Asset and Management Asia, Pictet Wealth Management, to find out why.

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Rickie Jia, Head of Multi-Asset, Pictet Wealth Management Asia, discusses why there some signs that markets may be oversold and what investors should be eyeing now.

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