Phin Wong, SPH Media

Phin Wong, SPH Media

Phin Wong

10 January 2024
Morning Shot: "Don't be corporate on social media!" - Exclusive tips & tricks on how to engage audiences by SPH Media's content marketing guru, Phin Wong
Have you ever thought about how often you mindlessly scroll through social media on a daily basis, and what kind of content makes you take a pause to watch, read or even engage?
In a world that’s exploding with content, what exactly differentiates you from other content creators?
On this episode of Morning Shot, we decipher all that with SPH Media’s Head of Content Marketing & Lifestyle, Phin Wong - who had recently bagged several prestigious wins, including getting named as Content Leader of the Year at the International Drum Awards.
Presented by: Emaad Akhtar & Audrey Siek
Produced and edited by: Yeo Kai Ting (
Music/sound credits: pixabay & its talented community of contributors

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