Paul Nef, APAC, Honeywell

Paul Nef, APAC, Honeywell

11 February 2020
The rapid growth of the APAC aviation market
In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim speaks to Paul Nef, Regional Director of Airlines, APAC at Honeywell Aerospace about the rapid growth of the APAC aviation market.

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26 September 2019
What happens to our airline infrastructures in the future?
With the MRO Asia-Pacific wrapping up the three-day event today, there’s no better time to talk about the latest developments in maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The International Air Transport Association noted that by 2036, air passengers will nearly double to 7.8 billion, with more than half coming from Asia-Pacific, putting pressure on airlines and existing infrastructure. While many airlines have announced orders for new jets, they’re not set to arrive until at least 2021. As a result, airlines are having to make do with existing fleets - many of which are aging. Here to tell us more is Paul Nef, the Asia-Pacific Regional Director at Honeywell Aerospace.

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