Nicholas Mak, ERA Realty

Nicholas Mak, ERA Realty

11 February 2020
Yield from CPF may surpass that for private homes & half of all new 2 room Flexi flats bought by seniors; 40-year lease most popular
In powering your property, Howie Lim and Bernard Lim speak to Nicholas Mak, head of research and consultancy at ERA Realty to get his insights into the latest coming out of the property space.

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19 November 2019
November HDB BTO sales launch is the biggest of the year
On Powering Your Property, with Nicholas Mak, the head of research and consultancy at ERA Realty joins Howie Lim and Bernard Lim to discuss the latest property headlines.

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22 Oct 2019
Type of housing Singaporean parents own can impact children's future economic status.
According to a new study released by the National University of Singapore last week, the type of housing owned by Singaporean parents can be a good predictor of the next generation's economic status. Joining us to discuss this is Nicholas Mak - ERA Realty’s head of research and consultancy.
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