Marcus Loh, Cohesity

Marcus Loh, Cohesity

9 April 2020
What back up of data means for enterprises of massive scales
The enterprise backup market is growing significantly as companies are now appreciating the value of backing up their data and managing it more effectively. Marcus Loh, CTO for Asia Pacific and Japan, Cohesity gives an analysis on what is meant by data management in regards to large organisations and the demand for the technology in the data management space like here in Asia.

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Dark data and why it should be dealt with
Veritas recently announced their Value of Data study. And despite the rise in security breaches and increasingly rigorous data protection regulations, businesses across the globe continue to maintain dark data. Unfortunately, this creates a ready target for cybercriminals. What is dark data and how does it impact businesses? We find out from Marcus Loh, Senior Director for Technology Practice, Asia-Pacific & Japan, Veritas.

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