Luc Andreani, Foodpanda Singapore

Luc Andreani, Foodpanda Singapore


12 March 2021
Five developments in food delivery scene to watch out for in 2021
Many believe that quick commerce or q-commerce is the next-generation of e-commerce, and as the name suggests, it is all about being fast. So what other developments can we expect from the food delivery scene and how can the food delivery scene tap into q-commerce? Luc Andreani, Managing Director, foodpanda Singapore shares more.

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8 January 2020
Influence: foodpanda's new initiatives and how do they benefit consumers
Foodpanda - one of the longest serving food delivery providers in Singapore - has launched several new initiatives, such as expanding its services to include groceries and household essentials to better serve its customers as a one-stop shop. How do these new initiatives benefit customers? Luc Andreani, Managing Director of foodpanda Singapore shares more.

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