Laura Houldsworth, SAP Concur

Laura Houldsworth, SAP Concur

7 August 2020
Enabling businesses to plug financial leaks, amidst recovery
According to a new regional study by SAP Concur, the lag in finance transformation for Singapore businesses could collectively cost an estimated US$340 million in GDP revenue loss for Singapore annually.
In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim spoke to Laura Houldsworth, SAP Concur’s Managing Director for SEA on how to help businesses tackle gaps in expense management.

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10 January 2020
Is business travel an unspoken source of employee frustration?
In Career 360, Bernard Lim speaks to Laura Houldsworth, Managing Director for South East Asia, at SAP Concur to find out why business travel is an unspoken source of employee frustration and a ‘highly stressful’ affair in fledgling businesses.

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