Kyeong-Jae Lee, Rebellions Incorporated.

Kyeong-Jae Lee, Rebellions Incorporated.

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1 August 2023

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10 July 2023
Under the Radar: The South Korean startup that could rival Nvidia in AI-chip manufacturing – Rebellions Inc on making chips customised for specific AI functions; Working with TSMC on a chip for finance; Strategic value of Investors including KT Investment, Temasek’s Pavilion Capital; Capturing the momentum of silicon business shifting back to Asia
Today we’re going to give you a snippet into a South Korean startup that could rival Nvidia in the race to provide high-end AI-chips.
But not without some context about the AI chip prediction landscape. Currently, Nvidia dominates the AI computing market with analysts predicting a market share of between 80 and 95%.
It provides graphics processors known as GPUs for users to run AI applications due to its computing power.
Now here’s the thing – GPUs were initially made for 3D gaming and are not optimised for specific AI functions. So that means it can be costly and less efficient to train and run AI models using Nvidia’s GPU.
This also opens up an opportunity for industry players to manufacture chips that cater to the boom in AI, and perhaps for a specific use case. Take for example, a chip made specifically for the use of AI in the finance industry.
And that’s exactly what our guest for today, Rebellions Inc is relying on to get a slice of the AI-pie.
But what opportunities lie ahead of the firm? Also, what are some expansion plans for the firm, which is backed by KT and Singapore’s Temasek Pavilion Capital?
On Under the Radar, Drive Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian sat down with Kyeong-Jae Lee, Business Development Lead, Rebellions Incorporated for more.

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