Kevin O’Leary, Palo Alto Networks

Kevin O’Leary, Palo Alto Networks

12 May 2020
Potential security risks with the spike in gaming during the pandemic period
In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim spoke to Kevin O'Leary, Field Chief Security Officer, JAPAC, Palo Alto Networks about gaming security and security threats resulting from the spike in gaming and the sharing of home networks.

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17 July 2019
First Things First: Legal sector faces cyber threats in the age of digitization
With Singapore’s role as a leading international hub for the legal profession, investments are being made to transform the industry. In the last few weeks, the Government launched 3.68 million dollar scheme called Tech-celerate to help Singapore law practices adopt tech solutions, while the Singapore Academy of Law announced Asia’s first legaltech accelerator, GLIDE (Global Legal Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship). Despite many advances, cyber security, in particular, is still a top area of concern and many law firms continue to be targets of cyber attacks. As law firms hold large volumes of client monies and confidential information and serve as enablers of business transactions, will they continue to remain a popular target of cyber criminals? Kevin O’Leary, Field Chief Security Officer, APAC at Palo Alto Networks gives us his insights

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