Jonathan Woo, Phillip Securities

Jonathan Woo, Phillip Securities

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6 April 2023
Money in the Market: Should you reconsider the US market?
The US economy is currently experiencing levels of inflation that have not been seen in 40 years. Supply chain disruptions, rising energy prices, volatility in major economies and other underlying demographic factors have all contributed to rising prices. And now many expect a recession to hit the US economy by the end of this year. On Money in the Market, Hongbin speaks to Jonathan Woo, Senior Research Analyst from Phillip Securities Research to find out how retail investors should react and whether Singaporean retail investors should reconsider the US market.

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7 October 2021
Companies to Watch: Facebook’s double whammy of a massive global outage and the Frances Haugen controversy
Facebook recently faced it’s largest outage recorded -- we’re talking about 10.6 million problem reports globally. The firm has since apologised for the mass outage, explaining that it was caused by “configuration changes on the backbone routers”. Jonathan Woo, Research Analyst, Phillip Securities shares the implications of this outage on Facebook, where cyber security is concerned, and how Facebook can reassure investors of a comeback from this double whammy.

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