George Lim, Co-founder & CEO, Amglow

George Lim, Co-founder & CEO, Amglow

15 Aug MDT George Lim

15 August 2023

Mind Your Business: Beyond Bottles - A hydrotechnology startup’s mission to transform hotel water consumption

Ever wondered about the immense amount of plastic waste that the hospitality industry churns out?

From those convenient water bottles in hotel rooms to the countless single-use toiletries, the numbers are staggering.

While exact figures can fluctuate, experts estimate that hotels alone contribute millions of tons of plastic waste annually. This environmental challenge has spurred innovative minds to revolutionise the scene.

One changemaker, George Lim, Co-founder & CEO of Amglow - shares their water filtration systems that are transforming water consumption in the hospitality sector.

Presented by Lynlee Foo and Ryan Huang

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