Genevieve Lee, Sourbombe Bakery

Genevieve Lee, Sourbombe Bakery

Genevieve Lee

22 May 2023
Biz-How-To: How to choose the perfect location for your shop
"Finding a location is like finding a boyfriend or girlfriend!" says MasterChef Singapore Season 1 Runner-up, Genevieve Lee, who’s also the Founder of Sourbombe Bakery. She gives a first-hand account of the thought process behind transforming her home-based business into two physical stores, each occupying very different space profiles.
Presented by: Lynlee Foo
This podcast is produced and edited by Yeo Kai Ting (

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4 December 2021
Weekends: A local entrepreneur success story!
Glenn van Zutphen and award-winning author Neil Humphreys are joined by Genevieve Lee, Co-Founder, Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery to talk about her experiences as the runner-up of MasterChef Singapore’s first season and how it pushed her to start her home-based business called Sourbombe.

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