Denis Branthonne, CEO, Novade

Denis Branthonne, CEO, Novade

Denis Branthonne (2)

6 September 2023
Under the Radar: Construction management software firm Novade on serving large players like CapitaLand and Singapore’s A1 grade contractors ; Financials and growth trajectory as the construction industry transforms; On moving down the value chain in APAC; Presence in Ghana and opportunities in rapidly urbanising Africa
The adoption of digital solutions within the construction industry is at the heart of our conversation today.
Founded in 2014, our guest Novade develops cloud and mobile applications for construction companies to use in work sites.
The applications streamline work processes such as quality control, safety inspections and workforce management and reduce the paperwork needed in construction projects.
Novade currently operates in over 20 countries with a user base of over 150,000 people. Some of its customers include big names such as Samsung C&T, CapitaLand and Lendlease.
The company is reportedly seeing growing demand for its services as the industry increasingly recognises the importance of digitalisation.
Looking ahead, Novade wants to expand its footprint in APAC by first tackling top developers in APAC before moving down the value chain to acquire SME clients. But how efficient is this strategy for the firm financially?
It also set its sights in Africa to tap the continent’s rapid urbanisation, especially in Ghana, Ivory Coast and South Africa – but what are the opportunities exactly?
On Under the Radar, Drive Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Denis Branthonne, CEO and Co-Founder, Novade.

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