David Ward & Michael D’Oliveiro, The Nurturing Co

David Ward & Michael D'Oliveiro, The Nurturing Co

23 July 2019
A whooping 27,000 trees are destroyed each day just to make toilet paper. How can you do your part?
The Nurturing Co hopes to inspire consumers to change their attitude towards no-plastic waste through the development and distribution of environmentally friendly daily-use essential products. Named the ‘Best Social Enterprise’ at the Sustainable Business Awards 2019, local startup ‘The Nurturing Co’ dedicates itself to daily essential use products that have a reduce-to-zero plastic and zero virgin trees impact. Its core product, Bambooloo - which is a line of tissue paper products made from bamboo and packaged in recycled paper - are the only kind in the world that are entirely plastic-free. David Ward, CEO of The Nurturing Co and Michael D'Oliveiro, COO of The Nurturing Co shares more.

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