Brice Chambraud, Blackbird.AI

Brice Chambraud, Blackbird.AI

5 March 2020
Blackbird.AI’s Covid-19 Misinformation Report: Manipulative narratives spreading xenophobia
Howie Lim speaks to Brice Chambraud, Managing Director at Blackbird.AI about their Covid-19 Misinformation Report, which has uncovered manipulative narratives spreading xenophobia.

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18 October 2019
Blackbird.AI's war on fake news
The term “fake news” became widespread after the 2016 US elections, but it resonates widely in Asia as well. In several instances, social media rumours and hoaxes have contributed to the spread of ethnic tensions, violence and political confrontation. Most cases lack the data and evidence to distinguish which are actual deliberate falsehoods. Governments in APAC - looking to follow these footsteps and deploy a legislative response - will find they simply cannot keep up with volumes of appeals and lawsuits as well. That’s where tech companies like Blackbird.AI come in - using AI-based solutions to combat misinformation in real time. Blackbird.AI's APAC managing director, Brice Chambraud, shares more.

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