Arun Biswas, IBM Services

Arun Biswas, IBM Services


23 October 2020
Mind Your Business: Why banks must utilise and secure the cloud for post pandemic success
In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim spoke to Arun Biswas, VP/Senior Partner, Enterprise Transformation at IBM Services, Asia Pacific about how banks are navigating the new realities in a post-pandemic landscape, the opportunities ahead, what business leaders need to be considering now to modernize at speed and unlock the value that a hybrid multi-cloud platform approach can bring.

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5 March 2020
Planning for business continuity during a crisis
A recent study showed that more than half of companies around the world have no plans or protocols in place to combat a global emergency, such as the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Arun Biswas, Managing Partner for IBM Global Business Services, Singapore discusses what big companies like IBM are doing to ensure business goes on as usual during a crisis.

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