Alex Capri, NUS Business School

Alex Capri, NUS Business School


17 September 2020
In The Spotlight: What US-China tech rivalry means for Singapore
Tencent Holdings is the latest in a string of Chinese tech companies that have set up shop in Singapore. But is not likely to be the last. As tech tensions continue between the US and China -  Singapore is seen by some as a neutral ground. In The Spotlight, Rachel Kelly speaks to Alex Capri, Visiting Senior Fellow, NUS Business School to find out what this means for businesses in Singapore.

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13 May 2020
Money and Me: What's shaking up semiconductor value chains?
The semiconductor market is a key one to watch because chips play such a vital role in new and emerging technologies like IoT, 5G and AI. Whether its Texas Instruments, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, NVIDIA or a semiconductor ETF that balances both foreign and US makers you are considering, what impacts chipmakers given the uncertainty of trade talks? Michelle Martin speaks with the author of a report that's gaining attention from leading companies and policymakers around the world. Alex Capri, Visiting Senior Fellow at National University of Singapore Business School shares how policies from China and the US could impact global supply chains and chipmakers.

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