Alan Cheong, Savills Singapore

Alan Cheong, Savills Singapore


1 September 2020
Powering Your Property: Is it time to renegotiate your rent?
The second quarter of this year may have seen marginal rental declines across the board and weaker demand. However, some experts say that while this may have put some downward pressure on rents, not all landlords, especially those of high-end properties are ready to lease their units at a discount. But is it time for them to move the needle? Rachel Kelly speaks to Alan Cheong, Executive Director for Research at Savills Singapore to find out.

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7 April 2020
Impact of COVID-19 on the rental market
Not all sectors and geographies in the property market have been impacted equally by the COVID-19 pandemic. To tell us more is Alan Cheong, Head of Research & Consultancy at Savills Singapore.

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