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Get up close with homegrown entrepreneurs and uncover what it took to turn their passion into sustainable careers. Learn from their journeys as you embark on yours. From launching Singapore's FIRST textile recycling bin to repurposing community spaces for impact-driven community programmes, the future has never looked brighter when you combine passion with purpose.


19 January, Thursday

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Moderated by
Rachel Kelly
Senior Producer-Presenter, MONEY FM 89.3

Stay informed through the afternoon on The Afternoon Update with Rachel Kelly as she brings you important investment news and a slew of programs from Eco Money & Money in the Market to What's Trending & Your Health.

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Moderated by
Val Pakirisamy
Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

Val, certified in WSQ ACTA, graduated with a Masters in Economics from the University of Sydney with a major in Econometrics. Attained the Certificate in Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies from Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. In her efforts to understand more about sustainability practices, she worked with Singtel under the Industry Attachment Scheme in 2019. In the midst of the pandemic, as part of creating co-solutions with the community, Val also worked together with Singapore Food Agency and Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, in partnership with ThinkPlace Singapore, to think of ways to spur demand for local produce, so as to enhance Singapore’s food security and to create a more vibrant and sustainable agri-ecosystem. In the tertiary education industry for close to 10 years, Val has been facilitating and developing modules such as microeconomics, macroeconomics and staying relevant in the digital economy, where she has also been a recipient of the MOE Innergy Award for curriculum innovation in macroeconomics.



Industry Panelist
Simone Lim
Co-Founder, City Sprouts

Simone leads the business development team at City Sprouts and has been a volunteer since the inception of City Sprouts. Prior to that, she has experience in conducting eco-workshops. Simone started her career in Finance in UBS and graduated with a degree in Social Policy & Economics at the London School of Economics. She would like to see creative ways in how the awareness of sustainability can be breathed into our community spaces.





Industry Panelist
Jasmine Tuan
Co-Founder, Cloop

The creative brand consultant turned her life around after meeting a Zero Waste NGO while living and working in Malaysia. She learned about the 5R sequence to sustainable living: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Re-earth. In 2018, Jasmine started her zero waste journey and committed to zero fast fashion shopping – extremely challenging for a (then) shopaholic. In 2020, Jasmine joined forces with Cloop on a mission to reduce fashion overconsumption and waste in Singapore by introducing a circular way of enjoying new-to-you styles through swap/resale. Together with an ISO-accredited recycling partner, Cloop hopes to double the textile/leather recycling rate by planting its recycling bins around Singapore to close the loop for fashion for good.




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LISTEN | Sustainable Singapore: New Initiative To Tackle Textile Waste In Singapore

Sustainable Singapore: New Initiative To Tackle Textile Waste In Singapore
Every year an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is created globally. That’s the equivalent of one rubbish truck full of clothes dumped into a landfill site every second. Why is this a problem - well, textiles often contain micro plastics and other pollutants. To help tackle textile waste in Singapore, City Sprout has partnered Cloop to launch what it says are the first textile bins here. Rachel Kelly finds out more from Chee Zhi Kin, Co-founder, City Sprouts.

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LISTEN | Sustainable Singapore: Give Your Old Clothes A Second Chance

Sustainable Singapore: Give Your Old Clothes A Second Chance
As we head to the end of the year you may be looking to clear out your closet. Before you start to pour your goods into black bin liners, have a think about this - In 2021, 189,000 tonnes of textile waste was generated here in Singapore. Only a fraction of that was recycled. So how and where can you recycle your old clothes? Rachel Kelly speaks to Jasmine Tuan and Tan Yin Ling, co-founders of CLOOP.

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Sustainable Singapore: Tackling Climate Change Through The Built Environment 

Scientists have sounded the alarm as the world's oceans have hit record temperatures. Research published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences based on observations from 24 scientists across 16 institutes worldwide - found that 2022 was “the hottest year ever recorded in the world’s oceans”. Rachel Kelly speaks to eco champion, Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer at CDL about tackling issues such as climate change through the built environment, key sustainability trends for the year ahead - as well as her upcoming trip to Antarctica.

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Sustainable Singapore: Turning Ocean Plastics Into Fuel

Turning trash into treasure - that’s what the Ocean Purpose Project aims to do. Founded just 2 years ago - so far the initiative has collected over 4000 kgs of plastic waste, planted over 200 seaweed and muscle lines, and planted 125 coral reef stars. Rachel Kelly spoke to Mathilda D’Silva, Founder and CEO, Ocean Purpose Project to find out more.

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Sustainable Singapore: How Can Recycling Rates In Singapore Be Improved?

In a recent study conducted by the Singapore Environment Council in collaboration with KPMG they found that 95 per cent of Singaporeans would purchase a product that has sustainable packaging. But cost is the main barrier for purchasing such products.Rachel Kelly speaks to  Cherine Fok, Director, Sustainability Services, KPMG IMPACT, KPMG Singapore to find out what else can be done to improve recycling rates in Singapore.

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Sustainable Singapore: TaFF Launches Its First Fashion Sustainability Summit

Would you purchase fashion accessories created using recycled Singapore Airlines aircraft parts? Well, now you can on Orchard Road. This is part of the Textile and Fashion Federation's Be The Change campaign - a season-long initiative comprising a fashion sustainability summit, activations and workshops with partners uniting different communities for a greener future. The Afternoon Update's Rachel Kelly spoke to Carolyn Poon – Director, Sustainability, Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore to find out more.

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The View: Turning A Hobby Into A Booming Bicycle Business

The Afternoon Update's Rachel Kelly speaks with Lawrence Chow, Founder of B-Spokes to find out how he turned his passion for cycling into a business which is now the exclusive distributors of Brompton Bicycles in Singapore.

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Sustainable Singapore: Fuelling F1 With Used Cooking Oil

Did you know the Singapore GP is fuelled by cooking oil? With F1 in town, The Afternoon Update are in conversation with Jack Ling from Alphabiofuels to find out how cooking oil is being recycled to light up the night sky in the Lion City!

Digitalisation In The Built Environment

Dr. Teo Ho Pin, Former Member of Parliament, Bukit Panjang Constituency, Honorary Advisory, Singapore Institute of Building Limited, President, Building and Estate Management Alumni joins Rachel Kelly on Prime Time as he shares more on how the construction sector has understandably slowed because of the pandemic and how have industry players had to adapt to the new normal.

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